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What is minimalism? Some may say it’s a boring way of living, but in reality, minimalism is a craft. When done right, it can even be captivating and enviable. When it comes to interior spaces, there are many ways to incorporate minimalism without having to get rid of things you may want to keep. To minimalize your own space, here are a few elements to consider:

1.    A clean space

Clutter is a big source of stress in any home.  Part of having a minimalist space is decluttering the things you don’t need around all the time, and creating an organized, streamlined space. Having a minimalist space doesn’t mean throwing out your things. It is an art of being able to properly hide things you don’t need lying around that creates clutter. Stylish storage units are easily accessible, and a great way to organize and hide little things in your home. Choosing what items you actually need and don’t need may be the hardest part of the process, but keep in mind the peace of mind you will later achieve.

2.    A Colour Story

Having too many colours in a space creates a feeling of clutter. Contrasting furniture, wood, and wall colours usually create an unorganized atmosphere. A monochromatic colour scheme will work well for the minimalist approach. Stick to one colour story. You can add variety by including different textures and lines in the space. Again, having a minimalist space doesn’t mean a boring space. There are ways to add fun and spunk even in a minimalist sense.

3.    A Balanced Space

Creating balance is key to achieving a minimalist space. It could be a hard idea to grasp, but the proper placement of furniture, art, lamps, and even pillows all help create a feeling of balance. Asymmetrical balance is a great way to achieve a minimalist space. It creates the illusion that you’re not trying hard to create balance, but it works.

4.    A Focal Point

A good focal point is a powerful element for any minimalist space. Choose your favourite art or furniture, and make it a focal point in your space. Strategically place everything else in the room, so that it radiates outward from the focal point. Be aware of the horizontal and vertical lines of the space. I recommend talking to an interior designer to determine these elements in your space.

 5.    Grouping of similar elements

Rather than spreading out your home décor, I suggest grouping similar home décor pieces together. This creates a bold statement, without taking away the minimalist feel. For example, instead of having picture frames in every wall of the room, consider placing them all together in one designated area. This adds drama and a bold statement in your space that looks smart but not calculated.

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