Asian Zest for Your Home

Intricate designs, bright colors, and an exotic touch are all hallmarks of Asian décor. Whether it’s the serenity, calmness, and minimalism of the Japanese, or the bright, lucky figures of the Chinese, there are many ways to add an Asian flair to any space. You may not want to fully convert your home into an Asian inspired space, but there are certainly inexpensive and easy ways to add Asian elements in.


  • Rice-paper lamps with low wattage bulbs. These lamps do not put out a lot of light, but add a warm, soft glow to any room. Hanging lanterns, and lamps made with oriental paper umbrellas are also popular choices.


The three most common natural elements used in Asian decor are water, stones, and plants.

  • Water
    • Adds an air of serenity
    • Make sure you can hear the water in motion before buying a water feature
    • The water feature not only has to be visually appealing, but must also flow in a way that is rhythmic and harmonious.
  • Plants
    • 2 popular plants: Bamboo & Bonsai
    • Bamboo plants can be bought in most grocery stores. They’re usually in clear glass containers with water, and smooth pebbles, or crystals. They require minimal care – simply replace the water once a week.
    • Bonsai plants require a lot more time and effort to maintain. I would recommend this to people who have a knack on working with plants. It requires a great deal of skill and care, to grow this plant to its full potential.
  • Stones
    • Using stones is an inexpensive way to add an Asian element in your space. Smooth black or natural stones add a feeling of being close to nature. They can be used to fill bottoms of vases, and other clear decorative containers.

Room Dividers

  • Room dividers come in different types and styles. There are simple rice paper room dividers, painted room dividers with Asian scenery, black lacquer room dividers, and room dividers with stunning Chinese silk embroidery.
  • There are unique ways to use a room divider. You can hang it on your wall to serve as art, put it against a wall and add a plant or a chair at the end, or use it as a beautiful headboard for your bed.


  • Fabric is one of the most incredible offerings that come to us from Asia. Intricate embroidery, silks, brocades, and applique are all beautiful components of Asian fabric that can be used to decorate your home.
  • Saris make great window coverings, pillowcases, and even wall art. You can also use sari fabrics as table runners, placemats, or decorative napkins to add an Asian flair into your dining space.
  • Chinese silks with beautiful calligraphy or stenciled images make for fantastic beddings, pillow covers, etc.


Statement Pieces

  • Porcelain and Ceramic vases make excellent decorative pieces in any space. They’re available in small, to very big sizes. They are perfect for adding Asian accents in your room.
  • Asian deity figurines are great Asian elements to have. Thai Buddhist Deities, and Indian Deities all make wonderful conversation starters, and statement pieces.
  • Balinese furniture is also popular, exotic pieces that will add the Asian flavor in your home. They will certainly be a hot topic among your friends

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