A New “Old World” Style for 2013

Stately & Bold

The big colours for 2013 are in! Today’s hot trends gravitate towards an “Old World”, 1920’s feel. Champagne, Cobalt-blue, and violets are the it-colours this year. Bold, preppy pinks and greens are also in, leaning more towards edgier, youthful spaces.

The modern home usually maintains a seamless neutral tone, with a splash of vibrant colour within the spaces, serving as accents and adding a wow-factor to the otherwise neutral feel. Khaki, taupe, camel, and sandstone are common neutral colours in interior design, and depending on personal style, splashes of vibrant colours serve as points of interest within a space.

Art Deco

Continuing the “Old World” feel, Art Deco makes a comeback in todays design trends. With many 1920’s inspired films being released such as Gangster Squad, and the upcoming film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, “Old World” never felt more new. Rich golds and silvers, with exotic woods, and bold, geometric textiles are all in this year.


Horses and Wolves are roaming free in today’s homes – figuratively, of course through stencils and prints. Something about being wild, free, majestic perhaps? Who doesn’t want to feel that way?


Chevrons are stylishly making their way from the asphalt city highways and into today’s homes. Chevrons with their zigzag patterns are trendy and hip, and add a point of interest in any space.

Wall Decals & 3D Wall Tiles

Wallpapers are a thing of the past. Modern homes place higher value on time and budget efficiency, which leads to the usage of wall decals and 3D Wall Tiles. Wall Decals are easy to install and just as easy to remove. Graphic stickers and mirrored wall stickers are some of the popular types of decals. 3D Wall Tiles are also in this year. They easily change the feel and mood of a room, while they interact with light, which subtly changes the appearance of the wall throughout the day. They add signature style to a space that’s easily changeable.

Wood Floors

Carpets are more or less permanently leaving the homes of 2013. Hard Wood Floors are forever replacing carpets. They are the more practical, and hypoallergenic options for today’s homebuyers and owners. Bamboos, exotic hardwood, and cork flooring are becoming more and more common in today’s homes.


Street Style is Home Style

The term Street Style has been around for a long time. It is commonly known as the indie side of high profile fashion labels, combining the artistic and expressive looks that high profile fashion brands create, with affordability and casualty of real life, ready to wear clothes. Street style is personal style. A certain brand may own a certain look, but there are specific feelings that only individuals can bring into those looks. This is street style. This is personal style. It is easy to get dressed, a little harder to dress nicely, and even harder to dress impressively without looking like anyone else.

Street Style is what image you show the world outside of your home. But true can be said inversely. The image your home shows people when you invite them in, also says a lot about yourself as an individual. It is easy to stage a home to look stylish, but you can only achieve a sense of personality by having the owner’s own style reflected through the interiors, from walls to furnitures.

To inquire about how you can develop your own personal style and have your home reflect your style, contact Jackie Connolly of Parsons Interiors at 905.271.4224 or email at info@parsonsinteriors.com

Photos from : www.torontolife.com

A Brow-Raising 2013

2013 is all about bold brows. Eyebrows serve an important purpose to a woman’s face. The eyebrows emphasize balance and proportion in the face. The eyebrows bring out a woman’s eyes and give the face a unique definition.

Makeup artists for top designers like Marc Jacobs, Herve Leger, Reem Acra, Zac Posen, and Carolina Herrera are opting for a very fresh-faced, almost makeup free look for 2013. Out with the heavy foundation, matte blush, and heavy mascara, and in with the fresh, dewy skin, juicy lip stains, glossy eye shadow, and bold brows.

For a safer, natural, and more efficient way of keeping bold brows, makeup artists suggest lash tinting instead of mascara every morning. Lash tinting adds a more dramatic look for the eyes, and the benefit is round-the clock as it lasts three to five weeks. Lash tinting is ideal for today’s busy, active women who don’t necessarily have time to apply mascara every morning. It is suggested to match the colour of the brows accordingly with the colour of the hair to maintain the natural and fresh feel. A compliment to recent trends. Less is More.

“Decorating is not about imitating a style; it’s about expressing your own personal style.”

Jackie Connolly is an established Interior Designer, located in the heart of beautiful Port Credit. With clients ranging from the city of Mississauga, Oakville, and the Greater Toronto Area, Jackie Connolly is the go-to person when it comes to your home décor needs.

What truly makes a house a home is personal style.  Parsons Interiors, and Jackie Connolly create beautiful and engaging spaces by placing utmost value on client needs and helping clients understand and develop their own personal style.

Jackie Connolly is a true designer in every sense of the word, having a successful background not only as an interior and exterior designer, but also as an aesthetician in her early career.  With experience in home staging and personalized home decoration, Jackie Connolly is able to take any space and turn it into an inviting, beautiful, and functional representation of each client’s style.

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