Bring Your Walls To Life

Bring your walls to life
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Lots of local artist and artists from other countries as well will be showcased at Parsons Interiors.Below are some of the examples for art that are featured at Parsons Interiors at the moment.
Take time to create a vision and put it into action.  The best possible place for a piece of artwork is where it can simply be admired for its beauty.  It is important to have the artwork placed at eye level and in prime location for viewing.  Artwork and furniture should work together hand in hand, wether its the size or colour scheme.  Be careful not to place to many pieces of artwork onto one wall as minds tend to wonder and art gets lost on the walls.  It is easy to pick a colour from a piece of artwork and integrate it décor.  Wether its from your sofa, pillows or rug you are able to tie colours together and make the room flow.  Be mindful of your wall colours as well, clashing with your artwork because it could take away the beauty of the piece.  Grouping together similar small pieces of artwork together to make one effective look can also add a wow factor to your space.  To fully enjoy your artwork you will want it to took its best both during and after daylight hours, so with the proper lighting you are able to achieve the best look.
Clinton’s on main is a new restaurant that just opened on main street in Brampton and is showcasing some of Parsons Interiors original work of art.


Impulse  Style # 9005B    Size 40 x 50  Price  $599.00


Segovia 11

Segovia 11    Style # 3935    Size  30 x 60   Price  $398.00



The Way

The Way   Style # 3405    Size  40 x 50  Price  $450.00



Composite 1

Composite 1  Style # 4050   Size 40 x 40  Price  $398.00



Composite 11

Composite 11  Style # 4051   Size 40 x 40  Price  $398.00



Pearl Sky

Peal Sky    Style # 4024   Size 40 x 50  Price  $450.00




Cyprus     Style # 3705B    Size 40 x 40   Price  $599.00




Stoneledge   Style #3816   Size 40 x 50  Price   $450.00




Atlantis  Style #3705  Size 40×40″   Price $599.00




Tao   Style #3878   Size 40 x 50   Price $450.00




Blossom  Style # NWK 100-N2208    Size 33 x 49      Price  $220.00


Consult with Parsons Interiors,  Jackie Connolly at 905.271.4224 or email at to analyze your space and determine how you can add artwork into your home. 


Small Space, Big Style

Any space can be stylish regardless of size. Smaller space doesn’t mean less style and creativity. In fact, having less space to work with means using your imagination and creativity to its full extent. A functional space doesn’t have to compromise on style. Here are some tips to personalizing any small space:

1.    Colours – be consistent and use colours and tones that blend evenly. Stick with a simple colour scheme throughout the space. This will make the space feel bigger. Consider the colour of your floor, and incorporate that with the colour scheme.

2.    Practicality – Today’s condos for example, are not necessarily designed to house a formal dining table, 3-seater sofas, and big dressers. Consider functionality when choosing your furniture.

 3.    Grandeur – Add the illusion of a big space by adding floor to ceiling artworks, wall mirrors, or headboards to the room. This adds the illusion of more space, without actually taking up more space.

 4.    Mobility – Invest in furniture pieces that travel well. Rugs, lamps, artwork, armchairs that can be moved easily are must-haves for small spaces. Mobility allows you to revitalize a room by having the ability to move things around when wanted.

 5.    Soft Look – Create a pleasing look by matching the drapery with the colour of your wall. Have your drapery a shade darker or lighter than the walls, to add a flowing look that enlarges the feeling of the space.

 6.    Wood Theme – stick to one particular colour scheme that goes with your wooden furniture and floor. Dark wood floor and furniture usually feels masculine and sophisticated, while lighter wood floor and furniture usually feels more feminine, casual, and fun.

 7.    Mirrors – Mirrors create the illusion of more space. If placed near a window, it allows more natural light into the space. Long vertical standing mirrors are great for long narrow spaces.

 8.    Area Rugs – Create small spaces within the overall spaces by using area rugs. They help define each space and its particular use. You can use them to define living space, dining space, and office space.

 9.    Technology – Check out new technologies. Flat screen TVs and other sleek devices give you more room in the space. They also serve as works of art in some cases.

 10.    Storage –  Use functional storage kits to hide away little things and big things   specially in the office and in the family room. Storage boxes are great for de-cluttering small spaces. They can easily be personalized as well depending on individual style.

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